On-site participation only

25th of February∙2023

This course is dedicated for Ob&Gyn doctors, fetal medicine specialists, sonographers, and radiologists and others interested in fetal ultrasound.

Modern prenatal diagnosis relies on high resolution ultrasound and the detection of details in addition to the knowledge on large number of fetal diseases and syndromes.

This two-days course has two parts, one afternoon part is a precourse, will be discussing the state of the art of fine tuning of the ultrasound system from 2D, Color Doppler and 3D, to the systematic examination of the fetus. The demonstration of interesting cases and rare syndromes with interaction with the audience will close the day.

The second day will provide in the morning insights into the detailed first trimester ultrasound in the era of NIPT, including syndromic conditions, brain anomalies, cardiac anomalies, and others. In the afternoon the speakers will be further discussing brain, face, and cardiac anomalies as well as common and rare syndromes in 2nd and 3rd trimester. In addition, it is time to discuss the potential role of artificial intelligence in prenatal ultrasound to be better prepared for its use in future.
Prof. Rabih Chaoui
Doctor of Medicine, Co-Director of the Center of Prenatal Diagnosis
and Human Genetics
Berlin / Germany

Prof. Bernard Benoit
Professor of Obstetric and Gynecology in the University Hospital of Nice, head of Ultrasound department in Ob/Gyn Unit at Princess Grace Hospital
Nice / France

Learning objectives:
- To improve knowledge of doctors and sonographers involved in prenatal diagnosis in performing basic and advanced ultrasound examinations during 1st and 2nd trimester of pregnancy
- To demonstrate skillful scanning techniques for performing prenatal ultrasound using modern 2D, Color and 3D/4D approaches
- To give awareness in differentiation of normal fetal anatomy and the most common fetal anomalies and syndromic conditions

- To recognize typical ultrasound features and sentinel signs suggesting specific syndromic conditions.
Scientic program
Optimizing 2D, Color Doppler and 3D image
Systematically scanning and recognizing hints for malformations
Live demonstration of scanning in 2D, color Doppler and 3D
Detailed examination in first-trimester scan in the era of NIPT
Typical anomalies of aneuploidies, face, brain, heart in first trimester
Potential of scanning before 11 weeks
Fetal echocardiography in 2D and color Doppler
Fetal neurosonography and fetal facial anomalies in 2D and 3D
How to recognize common syndromes in 1st and 2nd trimester
How to improve scanning skills and be prepared for the future
Course Partner
Venuе & Accommodation
Conference Support Manager
Tetiana Soloviyova