23rd-24th 2022
Pregnancy Loss
Eastern European Professional Meeting
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5th annual Conference on Recurrent Pregnancy Losses welcome to participate Ob&Gyn specialists, reproductive and fetal medicine professionals, reproductive and prenatal genetics, sonologists together with other professionals in the related fields.

This year we will focus on the latest research data to understand what could cause the losses and discuss how to improve LBR after recurrent miscarriages.

Join the Conference and enhance your diagnostic and management skills on RPL-cases!

Scientific Focuses
RPL: definition, epidemiology, prognosis
ART for RPL patients
Reproductive Genetics
RPL: from assumptions to a distinct endometrial disorder
Endometrial causes of RPL
Chronic endometritis: controversies and pitfalls
Uterine causes of recurrent miscarriages
Intrauterine pathology and surgery

Asherman's Syndrome and reproductive losses
Rheumatology roots for RPL
Recurrent miscarriages and thrombophilia
Congenital mullerian malformations: role of 3D ultrasound in diagnosis
One stop ultrasound assessment in RPL
Uterine scar assessment before pregnancy
Ultrasound signs for early pregnancy failure
How to improve LBR in after recurrent miscarriages
Artificial Intelligence: is ready to go in Reproductive Medicine?
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