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15 of July⋅2023
Prof. Rabih Chaoui Author's Course
This course is dedicated for specialists in feto-maternal medicine interested in fetal ultrasound with a dream team of speakers - Chaoui, Abuhamad and Benoit!
Modern prenatal diagnosis relies on high resolution ultrasound and the detection of details in addition to the knowledge on a large number of fetal diseases and syndromes. This course has several parts, the morning part will be discussing new aspects of neurosonography, and first trimester ultrasound and the afternoon part will discuss cardiac anomalies and 3D of the vessels. In addition, ideas and trends as the metaverse will be discussed.

Scientific topics
  • Malformation of cortical development
  • Corpus callosum
  • Arterial and venous intracerebral system
  • Other new technologies
First Trimester Scan:
  • Case reports
  • Role of using 3D
  • The systematic evaluation of the face
Fetal heart:
  • Systematic evaluation of the heart to get to the cardiac diagnosis
  • Hypoplastic left heart syndrome and venous anomalies
  • The use of 3D to evaluate the cardiovascular system
Ideas and trends:
  • Some thoughts on our weekly and weak scan and source of errors
  • Some thoughts on the potential of the metaverse in our daily life with a focus on prenatal diagnosis
Издательство Тильда

  • Prof. Rabih Chaoui
    Professor of Ob&Gyn, Co-Dir. of the Center of Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics, Berlin / Germany
  • Prof. Bernard Benoit
    Professor of Ob&Gyn, Head of US Dept in Ob/Gyn Unit at Princess Grace Hospital, Monaco
  • Prof. Alfred Abuhamad
    Prof. and Chairman for
    the Dept of Ob&Gyn and Dir.
    of the MFM Fellowship program at Eastern Virginia Med.School, Virginia / USA
  • Prof. Rabih Chaoui
    Professor of Ob&Gyn, Co-Dir. of the Center of Prenatal Diagnosis and Human Genetics, Berlin / Germany
  • Prof. Ashok Khurana
    Professor of Radiology, Consultant in Reproductive Ultrasound, Head of the Radiology in Ultrasound Lab, New Delhi / India
  • Dr. B.S.Rama Murthy
    MBBS, MD, DMRD, DNB, consultant radiologist and Director at Srinivasa Ultrasound Scanning Centre, Bangalore / India
  • Prof. Ritsuko K. Pooh
    MD, PhD, MSc, LLB, Fetal Diagnostic Center, Fetal Brain Center, CRIFM Prenatal Medical Clinic, Osaka / Japan
  • Dr. Heron Werner
    M.D. Department of Radiology, Clínica de Diagnóstico por Imagem (CPDI),
    Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil
  • Prof. Renato Ximenes
    PhD, MD, Director of Fetal Medicine Foundation Latinamerica – FMFLA, Brazil ISUOG Ambassador, Campinas / Brazil
  • Prof. Yaron Zalel
    Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Expert Center,
    Tel-Aviv / Israel
Learning objectives:
To review the actual up-to-date knowledge on fetal neurosonography presenting new fields, approaches, and technologies
To review the actual first trimester ultrasound beyond nuchal translucency including case reports and role of 3D and systematic approach
To provide actual information of the diagnostic approach once a cardiac anomaly is detected, on the venous system and on the use of 3D of the vascular system
To discuss new fields of research on the role of AI, Metaverse and to be proud but humble during daily scan
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