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25th of June 2022
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This course is dedicated for fertility specialists in reproductive medicine interested in resolving a highly frustrating and distressing reproductive problem for the infertile couple, named recurrent implantation failure (RIF)
For a long period of time there was no consensus on the precise meaning of RIF with the high variability of its definition. The diverse etiologies and incomplete understanding of RIF provided significant diagnostic and therapeutic challenges to patients and providers. However, progress toward a universally accepted definition of RIF by exploring what is known about implantation and its failure is made, as well as new therapeutic options for those with RIF have been proposed. In this course we will discuss what currently is known about diagnosis and what are the most promising new therapeutic strategies for treating patients with RIF.
Scientific focuses:
A new RIF definition
The pathophysiology of recurrent implantation failure
A role of preimplantation genetic testing in patients with RIF
Place of immune factors in RIF
Metabolic syndrome, PCOS as a RIF risk factor
Uterine septum: to resect or not to resect?
The effect of intramural myomas and role of myomectomy;
Тhe most promising therapeutic options: PBMC, PRP, G-CSF, GH. What is the evidence?

Course objectives:
Update on RIF definition
Overview on the pathophysiology of recurrent implantation failure
Improve the knowledge of preimplantation genetic testing in patients with RIF
What is wrong with endometrial receptivity and selectivity in RIF
What is a place of immune factors in RIF
 Overview on role of metabolic syndrome in PCOS patients as a RIF risk factor;
 Overview on role of metabolic syndrome in PCOS patients as a RIF risk factor;
What are the novel therapeutic options for RIF treatment;

Prof. Baris Ata

M.D., M.Sc., Chairperson, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Koc University School of Medicine, Istanbul / Turkey; IVF Specialist, ART Fertility Clinics, Dubai / UAE

Prof. Jan Brosens
PhD, MD, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Warwick, Warwick / UK
Prof. Diana Alecsandru Danceanu

M.D., PhD., attending physician at IVI Madrid, Consultant Clinical Immunologist Physician for Reproductive Immunology Services, Madrid / Spain

Dr. Jason M.Franasiak

MD, FACOG, lead physician and laboratory director at Reproductive Medicine Associates, New Jersey / USA 

Prof. Stephan Gordts

Professor, Head and Scientific Director, Leuven Institute for Fertility and Embryology, Leuven / Belgium

Prof. Nicholas Macklon

Medical Director of London Women’s Clinic and Visiting Professor at Zealand University Hospital, London / UK.

Dr. Lyubov Mykhaylyshyn

MD, Phd Gynaecologist, Head of IVF department Medical centre “Alternativa” for Human Reproduction Clinic “Alterntyva", Lviv / Ukraine

Prof. Carmen Rubio

PhD, PGT-A Research Director at Igenomix, Valencia / Spain

Dr. Jan Tesarik

PhD, MD, Director MARGen Clinic,

Granada / Spain

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Оne Day Focus:
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