17th of Augst 2024
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Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Ultrasound for Gynecology Summer Meetings! Join us as we delve into the latest advancements in ultrasound technology and their pivotal role in gynecological decision-making.

This course will explore cutting-edge topics such as Ultrasound of the Pelvic Floor, Fibroid Mapping utilizing 2D, 3D imaging, and Artificial Intelligence, along with AI-Driven Ovarian Tumor Diagnostics. Whether you're a seasoned gynecologist, a sonographer, or a healthcare professional seeking to enhance your knowledge in gynecological imaging, this event promises insightful discussions and practical insights to elevate your practice.

  • Prof. Ashok Khurana
    Professor of Radiology, Consultant in Reproductive Ultrasound, Head of the Radiology in Ultrasound Lab,
    New Delhi / India
  • Prof. Elisabeth Epstein
    MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of the unit for advanced Gynecological Ultrasound at Södersjukhuset, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm / Sweden
  • Prof. George Condous
    MD, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Sydney Medical School, Nepean, University of Sydney, Director of OMNI Gynaecological Care, Centre for Women’s Ultrasound/Australia
  • Dr. Ruben Heremans
    "Dept of Development & Regeneration, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium; Dept of Ob&Gyn, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg Maas en Kempen, Maaseik / Belgium
  • Prof. Ashok Khurana
    Professor of Radiology, Consultant in Reproductive Ultrasound, Head of the Radiology in Ultrasound Lab/ India
  • Prof. Louise Hull
    PARC Clinical Research and Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide, Adelaide / Australia.
  • Prof. T.L.N. Praveen
    MD, PhD, Professor of Radiology at M.N.R Medical College, Medical Director at Abhishek Institute of Imageology/India
  • Prof. Lil Valentin
    Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Lund University, Sweden, Head of the Ultrasound Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Skåne University Hospital Malmö/Sweden
Scientific program
Diagnostics Endometrium: Beyond Thickness
The Convergence of IOTA and ORADS
Ultrasound of the Pelvic Floor: What is Basic & What is New
Fibroid Mapping: 2D, 3D & Artificial Intelligence
Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: Ultrasound Based Clinical Decisions
Saline/Gel Infusion Hysterography Staging & Managing Gynecologic Malignancy: Is Ultrasound Enough?
AI Driven Ovarian Tumor Diagnostics
Endometrium: Beyond Thickness
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The past year has seen a phenomenal surge of advances in ultrasound technology, ultrasound techniques and the applications of Artificial Intelligence in gynecological ultrasound.

The approach to imaging and managing pelvic floor disease, adnexal masses, fibroid mapping, deep infiltrating endometriosis, hysterography and endometrial evaluation has changed rapidly, and new algorithms and AI are in place for an accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment. There has been a convergence of IOTA and ORADS, masterfully putting clinicians, gynecologic surgeons and radiologists on the same page.

In a striking parallel advance, gynecological surgery has seen a complete change in its landscape and rapid changes in surgical instrumentation & operative technique demand a clear morphological delineation prior to surgery. Surgical options have changed: diagnostic hysteroscopy & office hysteroscopy versus Laparoscopic or open surgery. Pelvic floor surgery is now an established new field. Patients expect to be given options of various treatments available, as also fast tracking in infertility treatments to third party reproduction and surrogacy. Newer administrative logistics such as surgical scheduling and cost options are now an integral part of patient management. All of these demand new ultrasound technology and imaging based treatment options.

To help you keep pace with these changes, understand them, and, put them into daily practice, Extempore has put together a scintillating faculty that will guide you through these advances.

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"New Ultrasound Technologies in Gynecological Decision-Making" 17.08.2024
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