Ultrasound for Gynecology Summer Meeting
3 of June • 2023
Ultrasound in Benign Gynecological Disorders
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  • Prof. Ashok Khurana
    Professor of Radiology, Consultant in Reproductive Ultrasound, Head of the Radiology in Ultrasound Lab,
    New Delhi / India
Benign gynecologic conditions remain the more frequently encountered group of pathologies that underlie symptoms and distress in daily medical practice.

Advances in ultrasound technology and in surgical methods have remarkably changed the clinical approach to these conditions.

This course will take you through the use of basic and technologically advanced ultrasound for the diagnosis of these conditions and show you how ultrasound morphology can guide appropriate management. It will be immediately useful for gynecologists, radiologists, sonologists, sonographers and family physicians. A world-class faculty will take you through best practices on the subject.
Scientic program
The Female Pelvis: Through the Decades and Through The Cycle
Focal Endometrial Lesions: Ultrasound Techniques and Morphology
Describing the Myometrium: T Van Den Bosch
Fibroid Mapping
Benign Ovarian Lesions:
A Systematic Approach
Classifications and Morphology of Endometriosis
Ultrasound Evaluation of Deep Pelvic Endometriosi
Characteristics of Ovarian Mature Cystic Teratoma
Why I Suspected Malignancy: Interesting Cases
3D & 4D Ultrasound in Gynecology
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Ultrasound for Gynecology
Summer Meeting 03.06.2023
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